Lake District of Japan
    Urabandai and Country Inn Mori-no-Gorilla

          Scenery of URABANDAI   (back)

 Goshikinuma swanp  Lake Onogawa in the morning  Lake Hibara covered in frost   Autumn leaves
 Nakase swamp  Yellow Falls  Oguni Marshland  from the Summit of Mt.Bandai
 Great Spotted Woodpecker  Asiatic Black Bear  Nakastugawa Valley  Japanese marten

       about Country Inn Mori no Gorilla

 Exterior  Dining room  Garden  Guest room
 One day dinner  One of the menus  One day breakfast  Entrance holl

  Hotel fee  (Up to 3 people per room)
 1 night with breakfast (with bath)¥8,800/1person
 1 night with 2meals  (with bath)¥13,200/1person

    For reservation or inquiries ,please contact us by email.
          We will reply within 3 days.


 adress  1093-640 kengamine hibara kitashiobara yama fukushima
 access  25minutes from Inawashiro Interchange
       on the Ban'etsu Expressway via Route 115 and Route 459
. (by car)
       Tohoku Shinkansen Koriyama Station to Banestu West Line.
       Get off at Inawashiro Station. Take the bus to Bandai Kogen
       and get off at the Goshikinuma entrance. (by trains etc.)

      Greetings from the owner

It is located on a quiet hill with no houses around. From the window,
you can see the pristine Urabandai.
It was 50 years ago that I started training in cooking with the goal of working
at an inn, which was my dream. And it has been 46 years since I opened the inn.
We are very happy to be able to welcome our guests at our favorite Urabandai.

As the owner of the inn, I was able to live in Urabandai as a forest guide
and mountain climbing guide, and I continued to look at the rich nature of Urabandai
and experienced the fun and enjoyment of nature as Mr./Ms..
We would be happy to help you use that experience to make your trip even more enjoyable.
I am truly grateful that I have met many people and have been able to come this far
with their support. The building has become old, but we welcome you with the motto
that you can feel the cleanliness and warmth that has been polished even in the oldness,
and that you will cherish your encounters and spend a rich holiday that will remain in your heart.

We will do our best to make sure that you can return home with a big smile.